The Training Needs Survey is now available!  We request that all JCI Metro Area members fill this out to assist your Local Organizations in improving the Training and Development program.  You have until Dec 16, 2016 to fill it out!


Message from the Area Training Director:

The Metro Area Training Council, have taken the initiative to collect all the data from the members of our Metro Area Local Organizations with regard to Training and Development.

This survey is in aid for your LO/Chapter to collect data from each member so that we can better assist you in designing training activities and programs that are suited for your members.

Seeking your assistance in sharing this Survey to your members and encourage them to accomplish until December 16, 2016.


We will be sending a copy of the data they provide us to your chapter so you can better cater their needs.

To give us time in analyzing the results to be turned to you, encouraging everyone to accomplish the survey on the set timeline. We will be sending a weekly update to you and the RVPs to monitor our progress.

We are looking forward to your support to this initiative.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


2017 Area Training Director – JCI Metro Area 2
2016 President – JCI Baras

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