Greetings to all Metro Area LO Presidents, Execom, and LO Secretaries!

We are furnishing you a copy of the JCI Philippines – Circular JCIP2017-4-002 (JCI Philippines Efficiency Awards / JCIPEA).

We hope that you can use these to guide your local organizations in your one year to lead.

We also uploaded these files in under Resources.  A copy of the circular will be available in Resources/JCIP Circulars.

For any questions, please feel free to ask in our Viber groups.

Yours in JCI,
Aimee Flordeliza
Area Secretary, Metro Area


JCI Philippines – Circular JCIP2017-4-002
JCI Philippines Efficiency Awards / JCIPEA

To:       JCI Philippines 2017 National Board
Cc:       JCI Philippines Secretariat
2017 National Executive Director
2017 National Training Director
2017 General Legal Counsel

From:   Office of the 2017 National Secretary General

Re: JCI Philippines – Circular JCIP2017-4-002 (JCI Philippines Efficiency Awards / JCIPEA)

Good day 2017 National Board members!

Please see attached Circular for this year’s JCI Philippines Efficiency Awards or JCIPEA (JCIP2017-4-002).

I have instructed our secretariat to cascade to our 2017 LO Presidents.

To ensure that our chapters are able to receive and read the circular, we request the Area Vice Presidents to forward to the chapters in your area.

Thank you and best regards,

2017 National Secretary General

Leading Global Network of Young Active Citizens
JCI Philippines Headquarters

14 Don. A Roces Avenue, Quezon City Philippines 1103
Mobile Nos.: +63 917.5609864 / 922.8211110
Telefax: +63-3744138
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Files sent:

JCIPEA Program 2017

JCIPEA Template 2017