Induction season is in full swing!  Be sure to read this guide to ensure that you observe the proper protocols during your local organization’s induction.

The Induction and Turnover Ceremonies is usually one of bigger (if not the biggest) event of a local organization.  There are a lot of protocols to be observed.

We included:

  • Induction Script and Flow (with notes)
  • the recommended venue arrangement and presidential table seat plan
  • Scripts
  • Pointers
  • Common mispronounced names and words

May these documents guide you in the preparation of your Induction and Turnover Ceremonies!

Feel free to ask your Regional Vice Presidents or any Area Execom Member if you have any clarifications.

Why have an Induction and Turnover Ceremony for your Local Organization?

The Induction and Turnover Ceremony is an event that will introduce your 2017 LO President and Board of Directors to the world!  It is a good opportunity to invite your members, JCI community, local community, and friends to see the accomplishments of the past year and share the year that is to come.  Some local organizations take this opportunity to thank their sponsors and gather more support for the year.

A lot of local organizations make it a formal event.  But do not be limited by this.  A number of chapters have done their induction and turnover ceremonies after a community event.  One JCI Manila president invited St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta as their special guest during their induction in a hospice.


Induction Script

Download it here: Induction Script (2017-02-Feb-03) PDF

Download it here:  Induction Script (2017-02-Feb-03) Excel

Induction Spiels

Download a ready to print copy of the JCI Values, Mission, Vision, Induction oath, turnover of the gavel here: induction-spiels-2017-02-feb-03


Induction Venue and Table Seating

The assignment of the Presidential Table and the seat plan is important.  Please note that there are only 9 seats in the Presidential Table.

Download it here: induction-venue-and-presidential-table-layout-2017-02-feb-03

Additional Pointers

1. Invocation – if with invocation or Catholic prayer, no need for JCI Prayer

2. Acknowledgment of guests – on registration, make a list (highlight, or check), easy reading, up to what level to recognize/acknowledge

3. Table seating/arrangement/assignment – ask when in doubt.  See the presidential table seating above.

4. Use new induction rite.   See the script above.

5. Incoming officers – practice blocking. The outgoing President or the Immediate Past President is included in induction rite.

6. Turnover of gavel  (NOT“gay-vel) – add script when PPs turning over (if not memorized)

7. Bang gavel once for outgoing, 3X for incoming

8. For the RVPs and AVPs, DO NOT read the induction rite.  The charging and inducting officer should recite it from memory.  No printed copies of the Inducting Script.  They should say “repeat after me.”

9. Charging and Inducting Officers – the Charging Officer is the current RVP, the Inducting Officer is the current AVP.  If they aren’t available, any of the past RVP or past AVP can take their place.

10. Only LOs paid for the 2017 Affiliation fees with JCI Philippines can be scheduled for Induction.

Proper Pronounciation for the Commonly Mispronounced Names and Items:

1. 2017 National President Hegem Furigay

Hegem – /HEE-jhem/

/ee/ – like in bee 🐝
/jhem/ – like gem in gemstones 💎

Furigay – /foo-ree-ghay/

/foo/ – food 🥘
/ee/ – bee 🐝
/ghay/ – guy 🤵🏻

2. gavel

gavel – /gah-vehl/
/ah/ – 👂 bad
NOT /gay-vehl/!!!

3. 2017 Regional Vice President – Metro Rizal –  Aine Alvero

Aine – /eyn/ – sounds like gain


This guide was prepared by 2017 Area Vice President Chai Talag and edited by 2017 Area Secretary Aimee Flordeliza.  The content was based on the Induction Guide and Script by JCI EVP Brian Lim and the OCness of 2016 NSG Walter Uy.

Want to add more tips and pointers for the Induction? Get in touch with your Regional Secretary or Area Secretary to add them here.