In every activity that your Local Organization makes, you bring the JCI brand with you.  There are guidelines on how to use the JCI brand. We will tackle some of the common questions on the use of our beloved brand.


JCI Corporate Identity



1.Do not use the plain JCI logo.

Only the international body of JCI can use the JCI logo without a National or Local Organization name.

It is discouraged for local organizations to use the JCI logo without the National or Local Organization name.

2. Use of JCI Logo for your Local Organization

When localizing the JCI logo to your local organization, center justify the name between the edge of the J and the point in the shield.


If the LO name is too long, the name has to be left justified to the J.


3. Incorrect Usage of the JCI logo


4. Logos in the Event tarps

There are different logos.  You don’t need to add all logos for all tarps.

Here is the minimum requirement in terms of JCI logos–

REQUIRED: host LO logos, Strength in Unity (National slogan for the year).  

Optional: Epic Presidents.


5. Use of the Metro Area logo and Beyond Self logo

If  it is not an Area project, DO NOT INCLUDE the JCI Metro Area and Beyond Self logo.