Are you excited for the 2017 JCI World Congress in Amsterdam?  Yes, we also are excited.

We will place all related info regarding the Amsterdam World Congress here.  This page will be constantly updated.

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Registration fees:

Early Bird – Oct 2016 – Feb 28, 2017 – EUR 450

Regular – Feb 28, 2017 onward – EUR 525


From 6 up to 10 November 2017 the Netherlands is hosting the 2017 JCI World Congress. The host city of the congress is Amsterdam and parts of the program will take place in the cities of Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven and Utrecht. The Congress Organizing Committee (COC) expects to host 4,000 visitors: delegates, senators, members of JCI, JCI trainers, keynote speakers and representatives of Dutch trade and industry. 

Visa and visa process manager
To join the congress every visitor from a country outside the Schengen area needs to apply for a visa. We advise congress visitors to apply as soon as possible for a tourist visa, which is also called Schengenvisa. You can find the application form on our website or on the website of the Dutch Embassies. 

The COC advises large delegations (25+) to appoint a visa process manager that can manage the application process with the Dutch embassy in the country of origin. Of course, the COC will provide all information it can collect to the chief delegate, national president or visa process manager.

This information will include: 
dates (advise to apply as soon as possible starting from 90 days before entering The Netherlands)
forms and information to provide
advise to only apply for the period of the congress
advise to register as soon as possible (or at least before the end of July, as the Immigration Service can inform the embassies timely on the fact that the participant will apply for a visa)
we will inform the Dutch Government and the delegations about the delegations from countries in which we do not have a Dutch Embassy

Visa application instructions
After consulting the Dutch Immigration Services the COC has edited instructions for the visa application process (Appendix I). Also a list of potential ‘risk’ countries for traveling to the Netherlands is enclosed (Appendix II). The COC advises visitors from these countries, as well as visitors from non-risk countries, to follow the visa instructions exactly in order to secure a smooth application process.

Follow up
As a country manager you can help to manage the visa process by sending this letter to the chiefs delegate, National Presidents or visa process managers of your countries and as a chief delegate, National President or visa process manager you can help the delegates form your country visiting the JCI World Congress 2017 by informing them about the visa application process and the visa instructions as mentioned in appendix I in particular. Together with you all we can manage this!

If you have any further questions please contact the COC by sending an email to

Kind regards,

Message from World Congress COC Director Irving Kerkhof

Looking for the perfect place to stay in Amsterdam during the 2017 JCI World Congress? Would you like a hotel close to the ijVENUES or do you prefer a hotel near the city centre? More adventure? You could also stay on a boat with a group of people! Rederij Vooruit will provide a fleet of about 10 classic sailing ships, who will be rented out as floating hotels to delegates during the congress. 
Through the following links you can have access to all available hotels and boats: 
≫ Find your hotel: 🏨

≫ Find your boat: ⛵️

Frequently asked questions:

When is the conference?

The conference will be from Nov 6-10, 2017  in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

How do I register?

Go to the official website and register.  You need to input your credentials to avail of the JCI member rate.  Most JCI members from the Philippines pay the conference rate through credit card.

Do we need to get a visa to go to Amsterdam, Netherlands?

Philippine passport holders need to get a visa.

Who is the National Chairman for JCI Philippines for the 2017 JCI World Congress?

The appointed 2017 National Chairman for Onto-JCI World Congress is MARIEL JOSINE DAVID (JCI PARANAQUE ASINDERAS) 0917-8380293,