Got Heart?

Go Beyond your comfort zone and join the JCI Metro Area as we bring you two Thyroid Surgical Missions this April and August 2017 at the Philippine General Hospital.

Please submit the names of your patients/ beneficiaries by February 17, 2017.

Consultation will be on March 3, 2017.

Nothing beats leaving a permanent scar of healing on our ailing countrymen. Let’s heal the nation – one patient at a time.

Submission of Names of Patients – Feb 17, 2017

Consultation – March 3, 2017

1st Leg – April 22, 2017

2nd Leg – August 26, 2017

For inquiries, pls contact

AC Dra. Emy Cua at 09985554495/ 09228282370

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Got Heart Nov 2016 Presentation

Frequently asked questions

1) Why did are we  assisting thyroid surgery patients?

We chose to assist thyroid surgery patients since there is a high chance of good longterm outcome after surgery- both for benign and malignant masses.

It is a very curbale kind of cancer if early consult is sought.

2) Is thyroid surgery the same as treating goiter?

Hypothyroidism is also known as goiter. Hyperthyroidism is also called Graves Disease. Both of these should be controlled and produce a blood level of normal thyroid hormones. Once thyroid hormones are normalized, the patient can undergo surgery to remove their thyroid lobe and prevent malignant transformation

If the patient has an updated PhilHealth, LO doesn’t have to sponsor the application

FT4, TSH, Neck ultrasound, Fine needle aspiration biopsy. 

LO may sponsor this which costs about P2K


Patient has to bring their Lab results to PGH to AC Emy Cua. Best to inform her also beforehand if the patient will be arriving.


Patient may ride with you or can proceed to PGH on April 22 or Aug 26

Doctor’s food and simple token from the Patient/ LO. 

We are requesting for P500/LO for the token for the doctors and their food during the operation.