NTD Circular – JCIP 2017 – 5 – 003


To:       2017 JCIP National Board / 2017 LO Presidents

From:  Office of the National Training Director

Date:   March 14, 2017 (Tuesday)

Greetings from JCI Philippines!

As approved during the 1st National Board, the very first MIDYEAR SUMMIT will be held on May 26-28, 2017, venue will be announced after we identified our host chapter/s as to be determined by bidding and poll with the 2017 LO Presidents.

And we are pleased to furnish you of our 2017 MIDYEAR SUMMIT BIDDING GUIDELINES:

1.      A Local Organization of JCI Philippines in good standing and duly accredited who submitted a letter of intent until March 20, 2017 (extended) are qualified to bid for the hosting of the Midyear Summit;

2.      A bidding fee of P10,000.00 shall be deposited to JCI PHILIPPINES ACCOUNT on or before March 23, 2017 with the details:


SA Number: 2010251713

Bank/Branch: BDO Quezon Avenue-Heroes Hills Branch, Quezon City

*Fax your deposit slip and indicate your LO to (02) 374-4138 or emailrheamilesbeauty@yahoo.com.

3.      The bidding LO shall submit a copy of the deposit slip along with the proposal and plans to afpimentel_alai@yahoo.com and jcimarkdavid@gmail.com  containing the following:

  1. Proposed theme of the 2017 Midyear Summit;
  2. Proposed activities and registration fees;
  3. Marketing collaterals and teasers in jpg format.

4.      The bidding LO may get co-host for the sub activities and submit a presentation plan how to implement the 3-days summit.

a.      DATES

·        President’s Midyear Academy (May 26-27, 2017)

·        Trainer’s Academy (May 27, 2017)

·        Midyear Fellowship (May 28, 2017)

b.      VENUES

·        Air conditioned function room with tables and chairs, LED/LCD Projector and screen, microphones and basic sound system, white board and other training requirements:

o   Can accommodate 150 participants for President’s Midyear Academy;

o   Can accommodate up to 100 participants for Trainer’s Academy;

o   Can accommodate up to 100 participants for Future Leader’s Academy;


·        Hosts will arrange and shoulder for the accommodation of all the participants which should be included in the registration fees:

o   LO PRESIDENTS (3 nights);


o   Nights of accommodation depends on the host’s plans for the Midyear Fellowship.

·        Hosts will shoulder the accommodation of maximum of 10 trainers/facilitators and training team based on the program prepared by the NTD for the Midyear Summit;

·        Hosts will shoulder the cost for the transportation of at least 5 trainers/facilitators;

·        Hosts shall provide transfers of the participants and training team upon arrival, upon departure and from hotels to the venues (if needed);

·        Hosts shall arrange for the meals of the participants and training team during summit proper;

·        Hosts shall arrange for the MIDYEAR FELLOWSHIP for all participants on May 28, 2017.

d.      OTHERS

·        Training materials such as papers, pens, modules/manuals, activity materials prepared by the NTD shall be arranged/prepared by the hosts;

·        Deadline of Submission (for review and approval): March 23, 2017;

·        The voting will be coursed through the National Training Directorate at jci.org,ph which will commence on March 26, 2017, announcement of voting process will be released via a separate circular.

Thank you in advance to the bidding chapters and we look forward to a successful hosting of the very first midyear summit of JCI Philippines!

FLORICA “AIRA” TALAH F. PIMINTEL (original signed)
2017 National Training Director
JCI Philippines

Noted By:

MARK JOSEPH N. DAVID (original signed)
2017 National Secretary General
JCI Philippines

Approved By:

HEGEM C. FURIGAY (original signed)
2017 National President
JCI Philippines

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