Update: Mar 22, 2017

Dear Fellow JCI Members,

We would like to invite you all to support the JCIP Advantage Card Program now on its second year, which is a great opportunity to expose interested businesses to JCIP members and gain patronage among the 8000 members in the organization, gain JCIPEA points for your LO, and provide a project chairmanship opportunity within your LO.

Attached updated forms and the NT Circular. Last I checked, advantage.jci.org.ph is still under update maintenance by 2016 ND Joyce, pending transition to 2017 IT management team.

We expect that by the time merchants are ready to sign up, our website will have already been updated for 2017.

NC Melvin is requesting all LOs to:
1. Proceed with solicitations with Merchant Partners, by scanning and emailing accomplished forms to NC Melvin melvin_dimaculangan05@yahoo.com and AC Charles Ng archclng@gmail.com.
2. Remind all JCI members with updated 2017 dues to update their jci,org.ph account and upload a valid passport-style picture, for your approval, as this will be the basis of all JCIP Advantage Card holders, which will be our JCIP membership cards for 2017. Members with previous jci.org.ph account should only renew it. New members may create a new account.
3. Appoint a JCI member as LO Chairman for JCIP Advantage.
For an updated list of establishments you and your members can already enjoy with your 2016 JCIP Advantage Cards, kindly check out https://www.facebook.com/jcipadvantage/
For any queries, I’m ready to assist at mobile/viber 0917-7921378 or 0928-6113355 or fb messenger any time.
Your truly,
Charles Ng
JCI Philippines
Metro Area Chairman for JCIP Advantage
0917-7921378; 0928-6113355
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JCI Philippines Profile

JCIP Advantage 2017 – Partnership Agreement

JCIP Advantage 2017 Letter Head for Partner Companies

JCIP Advantage 2017 Org Chart and Roles

JCIP Advantage 2017 Partner Profile

JCIP Advantage 2017 Starter Kit


see the original circular here

 NT Circular – JCIP 2017 – 3 – 004



To:       2017 JCIP National Board / 2017 LO Presidents

From:  Office of the National Treasurer

Date:   February 8, 2017 (Wednesday)


My fellow JCI members,

As we continue JCIP Advantage Program, the JCIP Advantage Team would like to seek your help in enabling the national implementation of this program by approving the following items for cascading to the Area Chairmans and Local Organizations:

I.                 Name of the National Program  

The name of the program, which will be reflected in all materials, shall be “JCI Philippines Advantage” or “JCIP Advantage”. This will be the new brand of the former national project, JCI MAXX which shall be retired.

The National Team of JCIP Advantage Card recognizes the existence of different local organization programs similar to JCIP Advantage Card. The said similar local programs are given the option to continue with their programs which give added value to their membership, provided that they are limited within their respective regions.

The National Team of JCIP Advantage also notes that the JCIP Advantage program is not related in any way to any other existing local programs and cannot be used interchangeably with any similar privilege cards under JCI, JCI Philippines, or JCI local chapters.


II.               Appointment of leadership positions for JCIP Advantage Cards 

a.      For Area Vice Presidents – Appointing Area Chairmans (ACs) for the JCIP Advantage Cards for your respective areas on or before February 28, 2017. Area Vice Chairmans are not required but are encouraged to have, to help oversee in cascading, implementation and monitoring of the JCI Advantage Program. 

Area Chairmans must have been at least a member of JCI Philippines for 2 years with past leadership positions. Please send full name, contact info and email to melvin_dimaculangan05@yahoo.com for further coordination. Please disregard if you have appointed and communicated already your Area Chairmans.

b.      For Local Organization Presidents – Appointing a Committee Chairman for your respective Local Organization (LO) on or before February 28, 2017. 

LO Committee Chairmans must be a current 2016 member in JCI Philippines. Please send full name, contact info and email along with Chapter Name and Area to your Area Chairmans. The appointed Area Chairmans will contact the Local Organization Presidents for this list.


III.              JCIPEA Point System for the JCI Advantage Card 

a.      All Local Organizations and JCI members are encouraged to actively participate and seek partners for the JCI Advantage Card. The following are the minimum criteria to be able to receive points.

i.     Company tapped must have at least 10 outlets participating that will give discounts and privileges to JCIP Advantage holders.

ii.     Company tapped must be able to give at least 10% in discount to JCIP Advantage holders.

iii.     Must sign at least 1 year commitment with JCI Philippines’ JCIP Advantage Card for promos, freebies and discounts.

b.      Local Organizations that are able to get the minimum criteria will be able to receive the following points:

i.     15 points if 3 out of 3 of the minimum criteria

ii.     10 points if 2 out of 3 of the minimum criteria

iii.      5 points if 1 out of 3 of the minimum criteria

Maximum Total points for JCI Advantage are 50 points. The deadline shall be in accordance with the deadline of posted by the JCIP secretariat before Area Conferences.


IV.             Listing Fees per Company

JCI Philippines and the JCIP Advantage card will be investing in different channels and marketing materials to help market the said companies. To cover these expenses and to ensure better service and implementation of the Program, JCI Philippines will be asking for listing fees per company.

a.      The following are the listing fees:

i.     One thousand Pesos (P1,000) per company per year for companies that will sign.

b.      Payer of the listing fees:

i.     The Company may pay for the listing fees

ii.     The Local Organization may shoulder the said listing fees

iii.     Others

c.       Payment Details

The Company or the Local Organization may deposit payment of the Listing fees to:

Bank: Banco De Oro (BDO)

Account Name: Junior Chamber International Philippines, Inc.

Account Number: 002010233642

The company will not be entered into the system of the JCI Advantage Card Program until the deposit slip or any proof of payment of listing fees were sent to the concerned Area Chairman and/or National Chairman of JCI Advantage card.


V.               Tapping of Partners 

a.      Each LO will be given the following:

i.     Partnership letter

ii.     JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement (PA) Template

iii.     Other instructions

These materials are for finalization and will be sent on or before February 6, 2016.

b.      Authority to Sign

i.     For companies that meet 3 out of 3 of the minimum criteria, or a company included in the Top 1,000 corporation (main office) – Any of the National Board | Area Vice President must sign the MOA.

ii.     For companies that meet 2 out of 3 of the minimum criteria, the RVPs or Area Chairman up, can sign.

iii.     For companies that meet 1 out of 3 minimum of the minimum criteria – The Local Organization President can sign.

c.       Companies not allowed in the JCI Advantage Partnerships

i.     Tobacco Companies

ii.     Companies that sell contraceptives

iii.     Motels

iv.     Strip clubs or similar establishments


VI.             Processing of Partners

a.      Number of copies

The Local Organization shall generate at least four (4) copies of the JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement per company they tap. These will be given, after notarization by the JCI Philippines Headquarters, to 1. The Local Organization Chapter 2. The Partner Company 3. Retained in the JCI Philippines Headquarters for records. The 4th copy is retained by the Notary Public.

b.      Notarization of Contracts

For sending, please address these to:

JCIP Advantage Program 2017

JCI Philippines Inc.

14 Don A. Roces Avenue, 1103 Quezon City


c.       A Xerox copy of the deposit slip or check for payment of listing fees must be sent together with the 3 copies of contract for notarization.

Xeros copy of the deposit slip must include the following: Area, Name of Chapter and Partner Company to be enrolled in the JCIP Advantage Program.

Please email also a scan copy or a picture of the deposit slip or any similar proof of payment tojcipadvantage@gmail.com


VII.            Implementation 

Once the JCIP Advantage Partnership Agreement has been signed and Listing fees have been settled, the concerned Local Committee Chairman for the JCI Advantage Card and Area Chairman must ensure the following:

i.     Distribution and placement of the JCI Advantage materials to the concerned establishment.

ii.     Uploading of the company profile, pictures and  to the www.jcipadvantage.comwebsite and www.facebook.com/jcipadvantage

iii.     Observance of the privileges and Implementation in the concerned branches or establishment.

iv.     Inclusion of the list of partners to the JCIP Publication, “The Leader” and other related media.

v.     Creation of a Mobile Application for JCIP Advantage Program.

vi.     Corporate /Gala night for our Partners and JCIP members


VIII.          Way Forward

All other information, materials will be released, once they are approved and available, to the Area Chairmen of the JCIP Advantage Cards and the Local Organization’s Chairmen.

In behalf of the JCIP Advantage Team and JCI Philippines, we hope for your upbeat participation in this Program. The value of this program goes back to the individual members and officers of JCI Philippines for 2017.

Should you have any further concerns, please feel free to email the team atjcipadvantage@gmail.com


MELVIN DIMACULANGAN (original signed)
2017 National Chairman for JCIP Advantage
JCI Philippines

PAUL JESS “PJ” ESTRELLADO (original signed)
2017 National Treasurer
JCI Philippines


Noted By:

MARK JOSEPH N. DAVID (original signed)
2017 National Secretary General
JCI Philippines

Approved By:

HEGEM C. FURIGAY (original signed)
2017 National President
JCI Philippines