How to Register in

1. For those with existing accounts: Log-in to and update your 2017 position;

2. For those who have not registered yet, Log-in to and build your profile.

Go to

Click MyJCI tab

Register Now

Fill in the form

(Area 2 – Metro Area)

To see what region your Local Organization falls under, see the List of LOs under Regions

3.For National Board Members and LO Presidents, your updated profile or new registration will be submitted to the NSG for approval . An email notification will be sent once approved. Only then can you use your account as NB or LO President.
3. For members, their updates or registration will be submitted to their respective LO Presidents for approval.

* For 2017, the number of members that can be given myJCIP profiles will correspond to the number of paid members in JCIP files.*

Why register in

This is the basis for the official membership list of your Local Organization.  This will also be the basis for the JCI Philippines Advantage Cards — the official ID membership card of JCI Philippines.