ASec Update: May 26, 2017

A gentle reminder on the deadline of VDF on Wednesday-May31.

Please prioritize this week:
1. MyJCIP Registration of members and ALL Officers.

The voting members must be in the Member List of the LO.  Include all bonafide members and associates too.

2. ONLY Officers will be allowed to vote (Comelec Circular).

Comelec Circular JCIP 2017-06-001 C, Item 2 –

“all voting delegates for national elections should be Officers of the LO only.”

We understand that in some LOs, not all officers can attend and represent their LO in the Area Conference.  Any bonafide member of the LO can become a voter as long as they are listed in the Board Resolution (see next item) and are registered in the VDF.

3. A notarized Board Resolution is required to be submitted with the VDF.

The 2016 National Election Code requires all LOs to submit a notarized Board Resolution to be submitted along with the VDF.

To be accredited as voting delegates, the Local Organization (hereinafter, the “LO”) must submit the VDF together with a duly notarized LO Board Resolution signed by the majority of the members of the Board, or a majority of the members thereof, containing the list of the LO’s primary and alternate voting delegates for the AreaCon or National Convention (hereinafter, the “NatCon”), as stated in their VDF. Non-submission of the said Board Resolution shall mean non-inclusion of the voting delegates of the LO concerned, and ineligibility to vote in the scheduled elections. 

If non-officers will vote, please clearly indicate these in the Board Resolution.

For your guidance.

You may also read the 2016 National Election Code here and the JCI Philippines Constitution here.

We have an FAQ at the bottom.


Comelec Circular – JCIP 2017 – 6 – 001


To:       2017 Local Organization Presidents

From:  National Comelec Chairman

Thru:   Office of the National Secretary General

Date:   May 15, 2017 (Monday)

The COMELEC hereby issues the following reminders and guidelines on the voting strength of local organizations (LO) and on the submission of the Voters Delegate Form (VDF). 

A)     Voting Strength – In compliance to the JCIP Constitution and By-Laws hereby issue the following reminders:  

  1. (Art. 13-5) – The voting strength of an LO in good standing shall be determined by the number of individual members whose dues have been fully paid on or before the March 31, 2017.
  2. (Art. IV, Section 5 and 6) – An LO in good standing is entitled to one (1) vote by virtue of its affiliation, which vote shall be cast personally by the LO President or chief delegate. An LO shall be entitled to additional votes based on the following schedule, to be cast by its accredited voting delegates:

From 25 – 34 members           –           2 votes

From 35 – 44 members           –           3 votes

From 45 – 59 members           –           4 votes

From 60 – 74 members           –           5 votes

From 75 – 100 members           –           6 votes

More than 100 members    –          1 vote for every 25 members declared

in excess of 100 members

B)    Voters Delegate Form (VDF) –

  1. (Art. IV, Section 7) –  An LO should submit its VDF[1] to the office of the National Secretariat on or before May 31, 2017, thru personal delivery, registered mail or commercial courier ONLY. If the VDF is sent thru registered mail, the date of the mailing should be considered as the date of filing; and if sent thru courier, (National Election Code Sec. 12) the date of the actual receipt of the VDF shall be considered as the date of filing. The Voting Delegates Form be submitted in four (4) copies and must be duly notarized.

C)    Requirements for Voting Delegates in the VDF –  

  1. The number of an LO’s voting delegates to be included in the VDF shall be equal to an LO’s voting strength. A voting delegate shall vote only once. The vote of the LO President or Chief Delegate is irreplaceable.
  2. All voting delegate (primary and alternate) shall be clearly specified in the VDF legibly written if possible the form be computerized properly filled up containing clear headshot (1” x 1”) photo, birthdate, position in the LO and signature of the voting delegates.
  3. In reference to (Art. 3-2, Sec. 3) Individual members can only exercise their voting privileged through their respective LO, hence all voting delegates for national elections should be Officers of the LO only.
  4. In case the number of the primary voting delegates and/or the alternates included in the VDF are more than an LO’s voting strength, the COMELEC shall have the authority to select the voting delegate(s) and/or alternate(s) to be excluded from the list. 

Please be guided accordingly.

Link for the 2017 Voting Delegates Form:

Atty. MARK PETER M. QUILANETA (original signed)
2017 National Comelec Chairman
JCI Philippines

Voting Delegates Form



Can we use e-signatures for the VDF?

No.  Original signatures are required for all forms.

Can the LO President have an alternate voter?

No.  The LO President cannot have an alternate voter.  It is either he or she voting or the chief delegate.

Can voters and alternate voters be changed after the VDF deadline is done?

No, the voters and alternate voters cannot be changed after the VDF deadline.

Can I just email the completed VDF to JCIP?

No,  the actual notarized copy must be received by the NSG in JCIP by 5pm, May 31.

All of our voters are officers of the LO.  Do I still need to submit a Board Resolution?

Yes, it is clearly stated in Section 4 of the 2016 National Election Code that the VDF must be accompanied by a notarized Board Resolution.  See the ASec update above for more details.