Area Circular –  Bags to School General Guidelines

TO:                   Region Officers, LO Presidents, LO Program Chairman and LO Secretaries

FROM:             Area 2 Chairperson  

SUBJECT:        Bags-To-School (BTS) General Guidelines

 Date: June 12, 2017

For your information and guidance.

Bags To School National Program


  1. To assist families with incoming preschooler of your community by providing a bag with complete set of school learning needs such as but not limited to pencils, notebooks, etc.
  2. To support and assist pre-school teachers of your community by providing them a whole year supply of the teaching aids such as chalks, rulers, pens and educational charts.


It is highly recommended to purchase the bags and supplies in bulk from our chosen supplier/s so each LO can avail of a bulk rate / wholesale price as follows:

Bags to School Bulk Prices
Bags to School Bulk Prices

*TOTAL PER BAG (with 2 pencils) = P155.00

*Should you wish to add other materials not listed above please contact me for inquiries.

LOs encouraged to seek sponsorship or solicitation from individuals, companies or other organizations to sponsor 1 student a bag and donate the amount of at least P150.00 (depends on the chosen supplies inside)


Local Organizations (LOs) should ensure that at least one (1) tarpaulin/banner for the project highlighting JCI Philippines as project implementer is to be used during the activity. To minimize the expense of local organizations, one (1) cloth tarp banner shall be provided for free for each region to use for documentation of all LOs.

Should you wish to provide Bags to School logo with logos of chapter’s main sponsors and partners, please refer to the attachments in this circular for the banner template.

JCI Phils - Bags to School Banner
JCI Phils – Bags to School Banner


It is highly recommended to implement this National Program in two (2) waves:

  •   First run will serve as training and learning ground particularly for new members to be done on 2nd quarter of the year (April to June 2017).
  •   Second run will provide collaboration opportunity for chapters to work together,  improve previous implementation and execute project at higher scale to be done on 3rd quarter (July to September)

The LOs shall communicate with the Department of Education City or Provincial Divisions within their area to discuss planned programs and assess the needs of the possible beneficiaries.

Each LO shall have an appointed local BTS chairperson or the Director for Local Community may be designated for the said position for a smooth and successful implementation of BTS.


The LOs are requested to take photos and videos and share it on the Local Organization’s website or Facebook pages to inspire other chapters to activate the program and to create awareness on impact of National Project. Furthermore, we request LOs to publish/tag/mention project implementation/s using the official hashtag #JCIPBagsToSchool through the following:

Facebook Page   

Instagram Account         @JCIPBagsToSchool

The Local Organizations are required to submit their project completion report by within fifteen (15) days after the National Project was implemented to the JCIP National Secretariat, copy furnished the following:

National Chairperson:

Area 2 Chairman:

LOs who will fail to submit or with incomplete reports such as lack of pictures and other supporting documents will not be given JCIPEA points.

5 points for every BTS; Maximum of 2 BTS Distribute supplies for teachers and at least 50 bags for students Implemented between April 1 to June 30, 2017,

PCR submitted on or before July 15, 2017

3 points per LO for every BTS; Maximum of 2 BTS for JCIPEA scoring Distribute supplies for teachers and at least 100 bags for students Implemented between July 1 to September 30, 2017, PCT on or before October 4, 2017

Participated by at least 2 LO

5 points per LO per Area or Regional Hosting minimum 2 LO to maximum of 4 LO co-hosting for Area or Regional Hosting Distribute at least 100 bags Implemented between July 1 to September 30, 2017, PCT on or before Oct. 4, 2017

Participated by at least 2 LO and max of 4 LO


To increase number of beneficiaries and supplies to be given and make the program more sustainable in your respective communities, LOs are encouraged to seek support/help/assistance through sponsorship or partnership with other organizations, companies and entities. (Please refer to attached BTS-Sponsorship for your perusal.)

Should you have any questions or clarifications in the implementation of BTS National Program, please feel free to contact me at 0917-853 2643 (Globe), 0999 997 2582 (Smart) and


Yours in JCI,


Jeamie Salvatierra (original signed)

JCI Paranaque Asinderas

2017 Area 2 Chairman Bags to School


Noted by:

Aimee Flordeliza (original signed)

 2017 Area Secretary, Area 2


Approved by:


Ruth Elizabeth Talag (original signed)

2017 Area Vice President, Area 2