NAC Circular – JCIP 2017 – 7 – 001



To:       2017 JCIP National Board / 2017 LO Presidents

From:  Office of the National Awards Committee

Date:   June 30, 2017 (Friday)


Greetings Fellow JCI Members,


We would like to formally congratulate the JCI Manila for winning Four (4) prestigious awards during the recently concluded Ulaanbaatar Asia Pacific Conference:


Best Local Development – Vanguards of Excellence

Best Long Term Local Community Program – Golden Heart Manila

Best Local Project – Vanguards of Excellence

Best President – 2016 JCI Manila Pres. Rami Villavicencio


We are all very proud of you!

CHRISTIAN B. CLEMENO (original signed)
2017 National Awards Chairman
JCI Philippines

Noted By:

MARK JOSEPH N. DAVID (original signed)
2017 National Secretary General
JCI Philippines

Approved By:

HEGEM C. FURIGAY (original signed)
2017 National President
JCI Philippines