You may find below the circular on a #SupportOurTroops, A Peace in Possible Project.  It is a nationwide initiative to hold simultaneous “PA-MISA” (or any sponsored religious service) in every region or city in the Philippines on August 13, 2017 (Sunday) between 8am-12nn.

Thanks and best regards,

Aimee Flordeliza, 2017 ASec, Metro Area


NEVP Circular – JCIP 2017 – 2 – 018



To:       2017 JCIP National Board / 2017 LO Presidents

From:  Office of the National Executive Vice President

Date:   May 28 2017 (Sunday)


“We believe that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life.”

The war in Mindanao, specifically in Marawi, has gone on longer than initially expected.

To date, there has been outpouring support for evacuees but little effort has been made for our Filipino soldiers.

Through the initiative of JCI San Juan Pinaglabanan, with the blessing of our 2017 National President Hegem Furigay, and with the full support of our 2017 National Chairperson for Peace is Possible Gurlie Frondoza – we call on every JCI Philippines Local Organization and Member to #SupportOurTroops.

Together with the AFP’s Civil Relations Service (CRS), we will organize a “PA-MISA” (or any sponsored religious service) that shall be held simultaneously in every region or city in the Philippines on August 13, 2017 between 8am-12nn.

The sponsored religious service shall be the only basic and mandatory event for this initiative. However, we do encourage regions or LOs to be creative in its implementation and organize other events that can help raise awareness for this effort (e.g. Motorcade, Press Con, etc.).

Once the venue, schedule and details are set, please forward them to me ( / 0922-8620180) or to NC Gurlie ( / 0917-6430028) on or before August 8 (Thursday) so that we can compile them. The AFP’s CRS will then help us cascade all the information to our soldiers and their families. We will also invite the PNP, SAF and RPSB.

We have also tapped a national media partner who will dispatch their local counterparts in the regions or cities that we will be implementing in.

The purpose of this initiative is for us to provide a venue and a platform for the families, friends and colleagues of our soldiers from different parts of the country to pray for peace and for our troops.

Through this effort, we hope that in our own little way, we can help boost the morale of our soldiers whose lives on the line for our country, for our safety and for peace.

God bless us all.

2017 National Chairman for Peace is Possible
JCI Philippines


KEN DERRICK S. NGO (original signed)
2017 National Executive Vice President
JCI Philippines

Noted By:

MARK JOSEPH N. DAVID (original signed)
2017 National Secretary General
JCI Philippines

Approved By:

HEGEM C. FURIGAY (original signed)
2017 National President
JCI Philippines