As for the final cycle of our Learning Beyond Self program, we are encouraging the Metro Area chapters to conduct training to the members and most especially to the community.

We recommend that the chapters do the following:

  1. Conduct 1 Skills Development Training for the Members (Official or Non-Official Course)
  2. Conduct a Needs Analysis to the community focusing on the needed training that will help empower the citizens. Implement the training based on the results of the analysis.
  3. Activate members in sharing their expertise – The trainer member will be the one to conduct the (2) training to the community by sharing their knowledge and skills.

Below are the objectives for this Training Month:

  • Empower members by creating opportunities where they can share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Empower the community/beneficiaries by identifying their needed skills and providing it to them.
  • Activate a chapter trainer to step up and become a source of knowledge of the people who are in need.
  • Strengthen our relationship and connection with the community/beneficiaries.
  • Create more impact not only the members but also to the community that the chapter is serving