COMELEC Circular – JCIP 2017 – 6 – 005



To:     All Candidates for the 2018 National Elective Positions

Cc:     Nominations Commission / LO Presidents and NB Members

From:  The JCIP National Commission on Elections

Thru:   Office of the National Secretary General

Date:   August 8, 2017 (Tuesday)


Please be informed that in a meeting by the Comelec last August 5, 2017 passed a resolution in reference to the National Election Code. The following guidelines shall be enforced during the campaign period for all candidates of JCI Philippines national elective positions to be elected during the simultaneous Area Conference on September 1-3, 2017 to wit; National Election Code (Section 7) – CAMPAIGN MATERIALS – Campaign materials shall be limited to the following:

1. Handouts – Printed bond or book paper of any color, with maximum of 4 pages, each page limited to eight (8) inches eleven (11) inches in size, the text which must include:

a.  Photograph  – limited to a maximum size of  2  x 2 inches;

b.  Personal Data and JCI Membership Profile;

c.  Plan of Action or Financial Management Plan as the case maybe;

d.  Calendared Program of Activities

e.  Head Bands – In materials approved by the Commission on Election with printed name of candidate.

f.  Streamers – In any materials and color, the size of which shall not exceed one meter by three (3) meters, and not more than three pieces in each area conference.

Moreover the Comelec will also exercise its discretion to issue other rules within the limits of existing laws and hereby issues the following additional guidelines;

1)     The campaign period shall start on the day following the deadline for filing of candidacy and shall end at 12:00a.m. (midnight), the day before the scheduled AreaCon elections. After the lapse of the campaign period, candidates and their campaign staff are prohibited from campaigning.

2)     Websites or Social Media Sites, should only contain campaign information of candidates and should not contain misleading, derogatory, false or shameful information against the other candidates and MUST NOT USE ANY OF THE JCI PHILIPPINES SOCIAL MEDIA SITES INCLUDING ITS WEBSITE.

3)     Publishing election related matters, through sms/text messages and the like, any defamatory or  libelous comments against a candidate, or any supporter, campaign manager or campaign staff.

As a general rule candidates should only campaign by MERITS and any violation on said guidelines shall be a ground for disqualification based as prescribed in (Section 8) National Election Code and those applicable provisions in the Omnibus Election Code as the case maybe or the Comelec may impose sanction or penalty they deem proper and necessary.

For strict compliance and please be guided accordingly.


(Sgd) atty. MARK PETER M. QUILANETA (original signed)
2017 National Comelec Chairman
JCI Philippines