I would like to congratulate everyone who submitted their bids during the Areacon bidding – there were a total of 160 qualified bids from Area 2!

As we draw close to the 2017 Metro Area Conference, let me be the first to invite you to join us in the JCI Metro Area 2017 Golden Titan Awards to be held at Club Morrocco on September 2, 2017 at 7:00PM. Let us celebrate a year of brotherhood as we recognize outstanding individuals, projects, and Local Organizations who demonstrated the JCI ideals of service and excellence.

JCI Metro Area will also be awarding the following Special Awards during the event:

  • Most Outstanding ACF Implementation – given to LOs who have fully utilized the Active Citizen Framework an an effective tool for their project implementation.
  • The Pat Te Seng Award – given to the winner of the Most Outstanding New Member from the Pat Te Seng Initiative. Pat Te Seng was the Most Outstanding New Member in the 2013 JCI World Congress Awards.

*** All Special Awards will receive a monetary prize of Php 10,000.

See you all in the 2017 Metro Area Conference and may you continue to inspire and influence others in engaging the community towards positive change and nation-building.

2017 Area Awards Chairman – Area 2