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The debate championship will be on Sep 2 (Saturday) from 10am-3pm.  All LOs are invited to send a team.

You may find below the guidelines for the upcoming Debate Championship for the Areacon 2017.

For questions and registration, kindly contact the JCIP National Debate Chairman Rolan Marco Garcia at 09178548880.
You may find all details of the Debate and the upcoming Metro Area Conference (rates, program, accommodation, etc) in https://jcimetroarea.org/areacon2017.

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Aimee Flordeliza


Debate Championship 2017 Mechanics
Debate Championship 2017 Mechanics

Area Circular – Area 2 Debate Championships in 2017 Area Conference

August 13, 2017
TO: 2017 Area 2 LO Presidents
FROM: The National Debate Chairman
THRU: The Area Vice President
SUBJECT: Area 2 Debate Championships in 2017 Area Conference
We would like to invite all interested Local Chapters to send their respective DEBATE TEAMS for the Area Debate Championships to be held on September 2, 10am-3pm, at Club Morocco, during the Area 2 Area Conference.

The following are the basic mechanics:

1. Create teams of 3 Debaters
2. Come up with a catchy team name
3. The topics of the debates will be given 3 days before the tournament
4. The debaters can team up with other debaters from other LOs

These are the general rules:

The competition shall follow the Asians Parliamentary (AP) Format. Attached as Annex A to this memo is a brief guide to the fundamentals of AP for your perusal and reference.
a. Instead of the usual 7 min speeches, the speakers will only have to speak for 5 mins each and there will be NO REPLY speaker
b. Points of Information (POI) may be given following the rules of giving POIs (please see attached)
c. After the debate, there will be an oral adjudication given by the Chief Adjudicator of the round.
d. Depending on the number of teams, there will be at least 3 rounds of debate to determine the winner of the tournament.
e. The winning team and the top 3 speakers of the tournament will be announced during the Titan Awards.

For questions and registration, kindly contact the JCIP National Debate Chairman at 09178548880.
Thank you very much.
Yours in JCI,

JCI Mem. Rolan Marco Garcia
National Debate Chairman


Chai Talag
Area Vice President
Area 2

Motions for the 2nd Metro Area Debate Championships

This House Believes That the Jeepneys are no longer the kings of the road

This House Believes That Philippine teleseryes have done more harm done good to our society

This House Would criminalize extra judicial kiligs (fun motion)

This House Believes That we should forget the ghost of our past

Ang bahay na ito ay pinagsisisihan ang popularidad ng Filipino noontime shows (tagalog motion)

Assuming the technology exist, This House Would wipe out the memories of convicted criminals instead of sentencing them to jail.

c/o Immediate Past National Chairman for Debate Luis Angelo Sevilla