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You may find below the circular, “Official Statement Regarding the Current State of JCI Philippines Finances.”

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Aimee Flordeliza

2017 Area Secretary, Metro Area





To:       2017 JCIP National Board / 2017 LO Presidents

From:  Office of the National President

Date:   August 30, 2017 (Wednesday)


The recent turn of events brought about by the political hype in our upcoming JCI National elections heavily burdened our organization more on the malicious rather than on clear presentation of facts. It has been trumpeted so much that what they are doing and inquiring about is not political and they are just concerned about the organization. However, their actions and manner of spreading spiteful information in various social media speaks loudly and clearly that they mean otherwise to what they claim to espouse.

As a matter of process, we report and deliberate everything concerning our organization, finances included, during National Board Meetings (4 official excluding special meetings) and during the National Convention of the current year. Also, in between National Conventions, the National Board in session is the highest policy making body of the organization. That being said, it is sad to note that instead of going through the proper channels and venues to question or air any specific positions or sentiments, they resorted to social media attack in the semblance of being heroes trying to save us from a disaster.  What aggravates the situation further is their ABSENCE during the 3rd National Board Meeting where all of their supposed financial queries and issues were discussed and openly deliberated upon.

I need not have to insult each and everyone’s intelligence by citing one by one the existing Constitutional Provisions (last Amended in 2014) and By-laws (approved in 2015) of our National Organization that clearly guided us in governing this current year. As your 2017 National President, I attest to my Supreme Being and to my Family Name’s Honor that there is no misuse of JCI Funds both current and from the savings from the previous years. The statement of overspending is not true at all because we are within approved budget of schedule of expenditures. I don’t intend to glamorize their grandstanding amidst all these commotion but still I called for a Special Executive Committee (EXECOM) Meeting just recently to discuss and resolve the issues, being waved in the air, once and for all but they didn’t care to attend and meet up with me.

To AVP Chai Talag and her group, I am making this statement to fairly address your sudden outburst of care to this organization in social media. Politics or not, you have sunk the discussions into the quagmire of impropriety. Please don’t cloak your absence in our National Board and Special EXECOM Meetings with appeal for public sympathy at the expense of truth and to the detriment of our organization.

Dear JCI Members, I assure you, no JCI Philippines money went to anyone’s pocket or personal caprice as negatively insinuated.  Also, all of the savings of the previous years are intact and no single centavo touched. We did not buy coffee makers this year nor did we purchase expensive watches or suitcases to be distributed as farewell gifts and ending up as personal effects with no bearing to organizational or membership operations or development.

For our academic contentment, 30% of our membership dues go to JCI as part of our international affiliation, 10% to personnel expenses, 30% to utilities, maintenance and other expenses, and 30% to direct value to membership expenses & non-office expenses. Basically, 70% of total dues paid by every member to JCI Philippines have been all well secured and paid for. Only the remaining 30% of total funds are used to make both ends meet to showcase JCI Philippines both local and international to meet organizational standards and quality. We pay our dues to be fairly, equitably and justly spent for the benefit of the organization. We don’t intend to shortchange anyone with the fascination of under spending and bannering savings for the year. We will be well within the bounds of our budget and will always be transparent in such undertaking.

We will report all these in details during the 2017 National Convention in Cavite once again and I personally pledge to all that should there be any item in the expenses that the General Assembly will find or decide upon as unethical or did not provide adequate value, I am willing to return the same into the coffers of our organization. I have strived hard to be where I am now both in business and in our organization and will not allow anything to stain or obliterate such.

Lastly, I cannot envisage the thought as to why my person is being attacked and used to discredit the other worthy candidates in this upcoming election when in truth and in fact, they all are part of this current National Board! Is it not politics if you will fashion yourself as Hero and the others as Villains when you all are coming from one National Board?

Accept my heartfelt regards and gratitude to all for being given this utmost rare opportunity to serve as your 2017 National President. A lot still have to be done this last few months of the year and I am looking forward to all of us to continue to soaring to greater heights as individuals, as a chapter and as a national organization. I am sure that all of the upcoming Area Conferences will be productive, worthwhile and memorable to all.  Let us not be swayed by negative campaigns but vote according to our conscience and not by the dictates or coaxing of others with selfish personal agenda.

Mabuhay JCI! Mabuhay JCI Philippines!

HEGEM C. FURIGAY (original signed)
2017 National President
JCI Philippines


Copy of the Letter sent by AVP Chai Talag

Sent Aug 23, 2017