We are proud to share the various accolades JCI Philippines (JCIP) received in the ongoing JCI World Congress in Amsterdam (Nov 6-10, 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands).  JCI Senator Marc Brian Lim is elected the 2018 JCI President (World President).  Atty. Oscar Franklin Barcelona Tan is one of the 2017 TOYP honorees.  Three JCIP local organizations won JCI awards (JCI Manila, JCI Legazpi Dawani, JCI Imus Wagayway). Two homegrown talents were appointed to international positions. 2009 JCIP National President Fulbert Woo is recognized as a Dave Chua-Unsu Patron.

Congratulations to JCI Senator Marc Brian Lim (JCI Dagupan Bangus) for being elected the 2018 JCI President, the highest position in Junior Chamber International! He will be taking over the position from Dawn Hetzel (JCI USA).  He was the 2015 National President of JCI Philippines and served as the international officer as the 2016 JCI Vice President and 2017 JCI Executive Vice President. He is the 6th Filipino to serve as the JCI President.

Congratulations to Atty. Oscar Franklin Barcelona Tan for being recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World for 2017.

We wish to congratulate the winners of the JCI awards — JCI Manila, JCI Legazpi Dawani, and JCI Imus Wagayway. They bested local organizations all over the world for these award categories.

Most Outstanding Local President:
Pres. Ramiro N. Villavicencio
JCI Manila

Best Local Economic Development Program:
Dreamweavers: Think Local Go Global
By: JCI Legazpi Dawani

Best Local Growth and Development Program:
Build and Unite as One Program
By: JCI Imus Wagayway

We are also proud to announce the following International Officer Appointments:

  • 2018 Personal Assistant to the President Ken Ngo (JCI Cebu Inc)
  • 2018 Sponsorship Committee Member for Asia and the Pacific Mark Joseph David (JCI Paranaque Pambato)
  • 2018 Skills Development Committee Member for Asia and the Pacific Adrian Padiernos (JCI Manila)

Last, but not the least, JCI Philippines 2009 National President Fulbert Woo is officially a Dave Chua-Unsu Patron. This is the highest level of recognition given to JCI members who donate to the JCI Foundation. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to the JCI movement, NP Fulbert Woo!

Photos courtesy of Atty Mariel David, JCIP 2017 National Chair for World Congress and Charles Ng, 2016 National Chair for World Congress