The JCI Philippines Efficiency Award (JCIPEA) Program (2019) is a tool that helps align the activities of the local organization to the greater JCI Philippines.  Through this scorecard, we hope that your organization can help unite the sectors of society to create sustainable impact.

We collated all the materials in this page that can help you prepare for the first JCIPEA deadline on March 15, 2019.  We will keep on updating this page once more updates on reminders are given.

Thanks to all our hardworking National Secretary Generals from 2015 to 2019 for all these materials.

Good luck on the submission of your reports!

Best regards,

Aimee Flordeliza

2019 RVP, Metro South


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JCIPEA Circulars


JCIPEA Training Module

Step by step guide in Submitting a report

JCIPEA Award System (an overview)

Frequently Asked Questions, Reminders


Update: March 4, 2019


Please be reminded: March 15, 2019 is the deadline for Sept2018-Jan2019 activities and reports. This is your first JCIPEA submission deadline for this year. For February activities and reports, deadline is the 30th of March (2nd JCIPEA submission deadline). Please be guided. Again, you may message me directly for any concerns.

Thank you.

Riain Alfonso



eJCIPEA Log-in site

To submit reports, your LO must be current in your 2019 JCIP Affiliation dues.  Without the payment of the dues, your President won’t be able to register in

JCIPEA Template 2019 Excel file (as of Jan 31, 2019) – to help plan for your JCIPEA points

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NSG-2019-01 – Administrative Doscuments and Schedule of JCIPEA Points

NSG-2019-02 – 2019 JCIP Account Update (logging in

“The deadlines are placed to prevent having large quantity of reports coming in on a single month, as shared by the previous administration, reports starts coming in bulk towards the end of the 2nd quarter into the early 3rd quarter of the year.

Our goal is to spread the reporting throughout the year which will give our team the time to look into each report thoroughly prior approval.

We also like to remind each Local Organization that reports will not be accepted by the system once the deadline has passed.


Below are the deadlines set for each month:

Activities                                              DEADLINES

  • October – December 2018       :           March 15, 2019
  • January 2019                               :           March 15, 2019
  • February 2019                             :           March 30, 2019
  • March 2019                                 :           April 30, 2019
  • April 2019                                     :           May 31, 2019
  • May 2019                                       :           June 30, 2019
  • June 2019 : Aug 10, 2019
  • Areacon Ranking – Aug 10, 2010
  • July 2019                           :          Aug 30, 2019
  • Natcon Ranking: Sep 10, 2019
  • August – September 2019          :          To be announced

We encourage the Local Organization to submit reports on time to get the opportunity of earn points from the projects and programs done for that specific month.”

Copy of the presentation of 2016 NSG Walter Uy – JCIPEA Training Module



Minimum requirements as stated in the JCIPEA will help support and equipped our Local Organization to unite all sectors of society to achieve sustainable impact.

  • 50 and 100 JCIPEA Points (Raw Score) Will quality the Local Organization to participate in the JCIP Area Conference and National Convention Awards Programs respectively.
  • 100% total JCIPEA Rating (or an average of 20% per key result Area) will qualify the LO to receive a Gavel during the annual National Convention.
  • 100% Efficiency Rating for each category will qualify the LO for the following Seal of Efficiency that will be awarded during the annual Convention Temiong Awards: 
    • 100% Efficiency Rating in all 15 Categories: PLATINUM Seal of Efficiency
    • 100% Efficiency Rating in 12-14 Categories: GOLD Seal of Efficiency
    • 100% Efficiency Rating in 8-11 Categories: SILVER Seal of Efficiency
    • 100% Efficiency Rating in 1-7 Categories: BRONZE Seal of Efficiency
  • Note: The LO will only need to achieve at least 50% of the points from regular items (in black) for each category to achieve 100% Efficiency. Bonus items (in blue) are available per category to earn more points.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ and Reminders:

These reminders and pointers are collated by us.  The final decision on your JCIPEA reports still lie with your respective RVPs and ultimately our NSG.

Administrative Requirements

For items that need to be transmitted to JCIP Secretariat, please upload the proof of transmittal/ proof that the JCIP Secretariat received the documents.  This can be an email reply with the date sent.

Attendance Sheets

Be sure that the attendance sheets are readable, have the pertinent project details (date, venue, project title, participants, LO/ group, signature), and are in the correct orientation.

Most JCIPEA reports require attendance sheets.  Some of the reports that do not require attendance sheets are: Admin documents submitted to JCIP (President’s CV, Plan of action), payment of dues, etc.

This is subject to the approval of your respective RVP.  In case the projects have lapsed and the attendance sheets are impossible to get, the LO Secretary can issue a Certificate confirming the list of members present or involved in the project.

Project Tarpaulin

Be sure to use the current Tarpaulin design for the year.  The tarpaulin should include the pertinent project details– Project title, venue, date, and host LOs.

If you will implement multiple projects in one day, be sure have separate project tarpaulins for proper report documentation.

You can see the banner template here.

Motivate – Training


Quantity for hosting is the number of times the project/training was conducted.


Quantity for attendance is the number of members from your chapter who attended (do not count attendance from other LOs).


Conferences and Conventions

National Convention

For the report code M3: 2018 National Convention: Attendance (PRESIDENT), please report the attendance of the 2018 LO President and not the 2019 LO President. The 2019 LO President should be reported with the rest of the members under M4: 2018 National Convention: Attendance (MEMBER).


Twinning: Joint Undertaking (BOD or GMM)

This should not just be the signing of the Twinning Agreement between the LOs concerned.  A discussion should be done.  Online Meetings will be considered to be a joint BOD.

Twinning: Joint Project

This will only be counted if a twinning agreement has been signed between the LOs.



  • JCIPEA Training Module – Developed by 2015 NSG Chris Camba, Modified and Presented by 2016 NSG Walter Uy
  • JCIP Circulars
  • 2019 National Chairman for JCIPEA, Riain Alfonso